johnlink ranks FLAWLESS (2007)

Here’s a small little movie with Michael Caine and Demi Moore which was made in 2007. Demi Moore doesn’t do all that much anymore, so I was curious about a movie which could bring her out of her self-imposed Hollywood hiatus. Plus, as a rule I love heist flicks. So, here we go…

I watched FLAWLESS (2007) on 2.6.10. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

FLAWLESS is a modest film which tells the story of a large theft of diamonds. It’s one of those in which the heist happens in the second act, and we spend the last hour finding out the how and the why. Michael Caine certainly elevates this movie to something more than it would be without him.

There is not much of a sense of danger in this film. There is a scene where Moore is in a residence trying to find some information, and a decent level of suspense is built. But I never worried that her character or Caine’s character were in danger. Even in the end, when one of them is supposed to be menacing, at least for a moment, it doesn’t fly. These characters are all so nice. Even the investigator is nice (and he’s played by THE MATRIX’S Merovingian).

The fun of this movie is in seeing solid actors work together. I’ve always appreciated Demi Moore’s work (I think DISCLOSURE is an underrated flick) and I’m glad to see her tackle a role with some meat. She plays the fear of capture well, even if the director and writer don’t put the character in harm’s way enough for us to go along for the ride.

The makeup work in this, though brief, is wonderful. I had to check IMDB to see if that was Demi Moore playing her character as an old woman. But yes, it was. This film is set in the early 60s, and it does a nice job of feeling 60s without a giant budget. From a production standpoint, this was a successful film.

The discover of the ‘how’ at the end is interesting, but not groundbreaking. The greatest moment of revelation in the entire film happens early on with a thermos. The ending is an explanation, but not a revelation.


FILM: 6; MOVIE: 6; ACTING: 7; WRITING: 4; BONUS: 1 (makeup)

6+6+7+4+1= 24


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