johnlink ranks RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR (2006)

This movie is one which has been on my radar for the past couple years. I’ve newly discovered IFCHD (Independent Film Channel HD) on Cox, and am loving the offerings, all unedited and commercial free. I have BAD LIEUTENANT and AMERICAN BUFFALO DVRd, and hope to get to those soon enough. In the meantime, we can start with this small suspense film.

I watched RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR (2006) on 2.3.10. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

Because this isn’t a widely known film, I’ll start off with a little premise line. This is a small film about a man who barricades himself indoors after a series of dirty bombs are detonated in Los Angeles. His wife had left for work, and she returns home. He must decide whether or not to let her in.

This is one of those flicks that I dug for 95% of it, and it lost me at the end. I absolutely recommend seeing this for yourself. Some will dig the finale. It’s just not for me. Thematically, structurally, I disagree with the choice. This isn’t to say I dislike all films which end in this way. I could name a few for any who see RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR and want to discuss it. I just don’t like this one.

The acting is very effective. Rory Cochrane (who I will forever know as Lucas from EMPIRE RECORDS) really impressed in this movie. His wife, played by an actress I was unfamiliar with, Mary McCormack, turns in an equally solid performance. These are emotionally charged characters, despite the fact that the script does not always give them time to get going. This film was edited a little too quickly. One thing I like about small movies of this sort is that we usually get to see subjects really play things out. This script cheats, cutting constantly and giving us a little too much of a ‘greatest hits’ feel for my liking.

The script is effective in its ability to take a major event and turn it into a personal story. There are several moments which feel equally as large as the sort of scene 2012 might throw at an audience. A boy staring innocently at a fire on the side of the street can be as effective as a meteor striking a tall building which falls behind a speeding car. I really give the writer/director, Chris Gorak, credit in that area.

The pace of the movie is actually at its best when the husband and wife are separated. The initial search for her is intense, and once she shows up at the door, it slows down a bit. We get that fast paced editing, but it doesn’t help the speed of the story. The next most intense scene again happens once his wife is out of the picture. I wonder why it worked that way.

Ultimately, this is a movie which could have been better, but which certainly is strong enough to warrant a watch. The ending will certainly start a conversation, if nothing else.


FILM: 6; MOVIE: 6; ACTING: 7; WRITING: 4; BONUS: 1 (What is this?)

I cannot believe I am giving a bonus point for this, but the opening credit sequence is actually quite cool. Strange, but if anyone were to ever ask me for my top five opening credit sequence, I would now include this movie on the list.

6+6+7+4+1= 24


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