johnlink ranks ZOMBIELAND (2009)

Here is yet another film which was on my list of things to see in theaters, but which I never got to. Borrowed it from my brother who, along with the rest of the world, highly recommended that I see it. So, here we go…

I watched ZOMBIELAND (2009) on 5.18.10. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

The strength of this film rides on its four stars. Woody Harrelson as the patriarch, Jesse Eisenberg as the new 21st century non-action hero, Emma Stone (who I may now have a crush on) as the love interest/bad-ass girl, and Abigail Breslin as her little, also bad-ass, sister.

The zombies in this film are secondary. They are certainly present, and this movie is certainly violent, but the majority of the story concerns these four characters learning about each other, and arguing with each other. Yes, it is tongue-in-cheek. The least successful moments are the ones which try to insert heart into the proceedings. But there is a lot to laugh at and enjoy in this funfest.

There is a cameo which, if you do not know about, I will not spoil. Loved everything about it. The tone felt perfect for this movie.  I was surprised at how the cameo ended, and I thought there could have been a better way to do it. But you know what, it is insane. And that is something this whole movie embraces.

The story is a skeleton to hang the meat of these characters on. Zombieland, of course, needs a zombie amusement park. The plot finds a way to get them there. It is completely unbelievable and unrealistic once they show up, but that wasn’t the point in the first place. I would love to see a sequel to this movie which takes these characters somewhere else (I would say a twinkie factory, but that has been done before in Family Guy).


FILM: 4; MOVIE: 8: ACTING: 6; WRITING: 5 (What is this?)



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  1. I LOVED this movie! Best of it’s kind since Army of Darkness, in my opinion.

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