johnlink ranks I, ROBOT (2004)

Liz and I were looking for a nice light cap for our night. Liz loves Will Smith, and the suggestion for I, ROBOT was mutually agreed upon. We both consider this an easily watchable blockbuster, and were more than happy to revisit it.

I watched I, ROBOT (2004) on 5.30.10. It was my fourth viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

Many consider this a film which shouldn’t hold the same name as the Isacc Asimov title. The film used the three laws from Asimov’s novel, but little else. In reality, the film just took an idea and ran in a new direction with it. Certainly, you can’t hijack the laws and not use the title, but it also can’t be compared to the Asimov story at all.

But on its own, we have a fun film with some decent action. Yet, this is a movie which already shows its age. The sequence in the tunnel feels like a cartoon, and the scene depicting home destruction is barely better. The special effects are brutal enough to detract from the show pieces which the action should represent.

Fortunately, this film has Will Smith to keep the in-between-the-action fun. He provides the spark and charisma, and keeps the smile on the face of the viewer. I no longer consider this a must film, but rather a distracting enough movie which won’t bore its audience.



BONUS: The special effects are bad enough to warrant a negative point. They take you out of the film, a film which would be memorable if its action sequences would keep up with its narrative.



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