johnlink ranks KNIGHT AND DAY (2010)

If this were 2000 and if a Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz action/comedy hit theaters, we would be talking a $75 million opening weekend. Never mind if it is good or not, the money would be there. Instead, this is 2010. Tom Cruise is still trying to reinvent his image, and Cameron Diaz has failed as much as she has succeeded. But none of that effects the central question: Is their new blockbuster worth seeing?

We watched KNIGHT AND DAY (2010) in theaters on 7.5.10. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

Well, if nothing else this movie is Fun with a capital F. Two actors, having a good time, things blowing up, ridiculous stunts, and sexy costuming. There is little meat on its bones, it is a fun fatty film which should be viewed with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Nobody is trying to reinvent the wheel here, we’re just along for a good ride.

See all the cliches I fit into that first paragraph? That’s what we get in this film. The reason it all works, is because the cliches aren’t taken seriously, and there is enough ‘new’ to keep this thing going. There are people in this movie other than Cruise and Diaz, but none of them matter. This is about two sexy people having a sexy time.

Cruise is funny and charming, embracing a bit of the wild side he’s been trying to push. Diaz gets mildly annoying at times, but keeps her head above water for the most part. The script gives us a few new concepts, a few set-em-up and knock-em-downs, and a brilliant concept in the drugging scenes.

I read some negative reviews over at, a site I normally trust. They all knocked the film for ‘skipping’ big action sequences. I think this is blown way out of proportion. The effect is fun, and balanced in the last film of the scene when a bit of a reversal happens. Like THE A-TEAM I felt as though this movie was introducing us to characters which are meant to go on to bigger adventures. Unlike THE A-TEAM, I think KNIGHT AND DAY didn’t take this concept for granted, and focused on making sure that this one movie could have a ton of fun on its own.

Another thing that stupidly got knocked was the title. They get the ‘KNIGHT’ part, but are upset that nobody is named ‘DAY’. This is just stupid. The film might have been called NIGHT & DAY because it’s two main characters are opposites. One of them is named KNIGHT, so they change that word. Puns in my titles are fine as they are, I don’t need double meaning in everything.

Look, there are plenty of bad blockbusters in the graveyard. The balance of fun and serious is hard to get right, mostly because it is a subjective line. For me, KNIGHT AND DAY got it right. I won’t be listing it on any classics bulletins, but I’d certainly throw it on the TV once it is released anytime someone is curious.


FILM: 4; MOVIE: 9; ACTING: 5; WRITING: 5 (What is this?)

4+9+5+5+0= 23


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  1. Finally got to this one yesterday. There were quite a few scenes that had me laughing out loud. Not as much fun as Shoot ‘Em Up, which for my money epitomizes this style of film, but still well worth seeing.

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