johnlink ranks RESIDENT EVIL (2002)

So, there’s a fourth live-action RESIDENT EVIL film coming out this fall, and it arrives in 3D. I liked the first enough, was not a huge fan of the second, and never saw the third. I’m mildly interested in seeing a zombie movie which will be shot utilizing 3d technology (as opposed to the crappy conversion techniques used for CLASH OF THE TITANS and THE LAST AIRBENDER). I thought I should revisit the series.

I watched RESIDENT EVIL (2002) on 7.11.10. It was my second viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

My reaction, upon watching this again, is mixed. I think the movie does a good job establishing some character and setting up a series. It does some things well in its game-to-movie translation. I like the zombies, I dig the dogs, I am generally positive about the action.

It has flaws, however. While the look of the walking dead works, the film suffers from the problem wherein the meaningful characters who are meant to live (for now anyway) can get away from the zombies no problem. Those who are incidental, despite being trained military personnel, seem to be dead once their arm has been seized.

Also, the music (so effective in SILENT HILL) distracts from, rather than enhances, much of the action. While a cue or two work, much of the score is overproduced techno. Listen to the trailer to get an idea of what permeates the film.

This was clearly meant to launch a series. It works in that way, but also clearly holds back. Having seen enough horror movies, there is little to offer that warrants repeat viewing. It is distracting enough, but does not keep ones attention rapt. I think that, while Milla Jovovich gets a lot to do, the rest of the characters have a fairly predictable arc with little surprise (at least until the very last scene of the film). Her red dress makes her stand out in a bland, gray, underground world. She is a beacon on the screen, and holds her own. While her character is certainly understated (I would guess she has the third or fourth most lines in the film), she is the focal point of the camera and all the success rides on her.

The movie was enough of a positive to make me think I’ll watch the rest of the series. I’ll see if the second was as bad as I remember, I’ll catch the third finally, and I’ll go see that fourth one in 3D. If nothing else, I’ll be current on my zombie flicks.


FILM: 2; MOVIE: 6; ACTING: 4; WRITING: 4 (What is this?)



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  1. I didn’t expect to like this one, but it surprised me. Even the second time around I enjoyed it. Though it’s far from my favorite movie, the ending is still one of my favorite horror-movie endings of all time.

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