johnlink ranks THE NIGHT LISTENER (2006)

When I put this movie in last night I was under the impression that I had never seen it before. After the first scene, I thought I must have seen the trailer. After the second, I thought maybe I fell asleep after putting it in. About ten minutes in, I realized I had seen it, that I could recall moments, but I couldn’t remember it all. It was like trying to dig deep in order to piece together a fading dream. This wouldn’t be alarming if this movie had come out in 1986, but this thing is only 4 years old. I’ve never done that before. I’m supposed to know my movies better than that. It must mean the movie is terrible, right?

I watched THE NIGHT LISTENER (2006) on 8.9.10. It was my second (I know now) viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

I’m a sucker for Robin Williams dramas. From DEAD POETS SOCIETY to GOOD WILL HUNTING to ONE HOUR PHOTO, I just love when he gets all serious. That’s why I was so surprised I had already seen this. I had the feeling like I wanted to see it… for the first time. I’m getting old. Sigh.

The movie concerns a night time radio host who befriends a fourteen year old boy who may or may not be honest. It’s an interesting story with a suspenseful buildup. Unfortunately, it ends with a shrug. As has been the case with many thrillers I’ve watched lately, the climax doesn’t live up to the build.

A few things make this film a little but different from its thriller brethren. For one, the acting is pretty top notch. Between Williams and Toni Collette, the characters really do come to life. Unfortunately, there is also a casting trick utilized in this film which I’m not a huge fan of.

I also like that this film centers around a gay character (Williams) and his failing relationship, but that this isn’t a ‘gay’ film. What I mean by that is that in Hollywood you are usually either making a specialty genre film about being gay, or your characters had better be straight (or supporting comedic characters). I like that this is just a thriller whose lead is a gay man with his own real relationship issues. I also hate that I have to point this out, because there is no reason this should be so uncommon.

Ultimately, I just wish this movie did a little more. They put together a good cast and had a good story (which is loosely based on a true story), but it never quite fully came together for me as a whole. But hey, at least I’ll remember having seen it now.





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