johnlink ranks FUNNY PEOPLE (2009)

This has been on my DVR for awhile but I was a little put off because I heard it was way too long, and I’m usually weary of comedies. But we had a good chunk of time last night, and I finally got to it. By the way, I picked this picture because the shirt is awesome…

I watched FUNNY PEOPLE (2009) on 9.11.10. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

I’m so-so on Adam Sandler. His career is similar to that of Jim Carrey, in that he peaked (financially) in the 90s by making silly comedies after having success on a variety comedy show. He tried some serious fare with mixed results, and has moved on to doing sporadic films, though never returning to that all out slapstick comedic role that made him famous in the 90s. I’m not saying he should return to those roles because, in fact, FUNNY PEOPLE is a great performance by Sandler. I never thought he’d have the ability to garner emotion from an audience, but he got it from me.

Equally as good is Seth Rogen. I haven’t seen too many Rogen films out of principle. See, he looks like me (according to every person I’ve met in the last three years), and it becomes eye-rolling after awhile. So, in a stupid form of protest, I’ve seen little he’s done. But, really, he’s very good in this too.

That’s what was most surprising about this Judd Apatow film. All the actors do a really good job. Jonah Hill, Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza,  heck even Eminem in a cameo! I was impressed, and the acting wasn’t something I thought I’d be impressed with.

The writing was also very solid. Apatow’s script, highly improvised, feels like a bunch of people who know comedy talking about writing jokes. This gets into a bit more dick and fart jokes than are necessary, but at least the dick and fart jokes are high quality. I also appreciate that the script allows some organic things to happen that don’t move the plot. It felt like a 90s comedy-drama in that sense. Events were allowed to take their time.

There was much complaining that after the act two twist, the third act became it’s own three act movie. I don’t find that this is a problem for the movie, but rather it is a matter of the audience not being used to it. When that twist happens, the audience expects a quick resolution, and they don’t get that with FUNNY PEOPLE.

I’d watch this again. It has a high re-watch-ability factor (gotta love that double hyphen). EVERYONE in this film has at least a good one-liner, even the cameos and non-actors. I love that about this movie. Really, I ended up enjoying this much more than I anticipated.





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