johnlink ranks HUSH (2009)

This is not the Gwenyth Paltrow HUSH from the 90s, nor is it any of the other 24 movies on IMDB entitled HUSH. This is an indy British thriller/horror flick about a young couple who see something they shouldn’t, and then get chased around by a trucker. It sounds like JOYRIDE, but is much darker and grittier in tone.

I watched HUSH (2009) on 9.22.10. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

This was a nice little find on IFC which I recorded on a whim based on the description. This isn’t a revolutionary independent horror flick, but rather a sturdy little stand alone picture. It isn’t, then, HIGH TENSION. But it is certainly better than a whole bunch of junk coming out of Hollywood (i.e. the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake and the newest FINAL DESTINATION).

The acting is fine enough when the two leads are supposed to be scared, and a little shaky when they are attempting dramatics. The script has some moments (the initial reveal is impressive) but also falls into a few horror cliches. These include two different bathroom scenes where someone may or may not be in a stall, and the stereotypical deaf killer moments where the hero is breathing heavily, moving heavily, but the killer somehow doesn’t hear him.

But the movie clips along at a decent pace, and throws enough twists and surprises to keep the entertainment level up. The filmmakers show a level of restraint as well. An early moment has a gruesome death, and a later moment has two kills which are not shown. Either the effects weren’t good enough, or the director decided it didn’t need to be seen. Either way, it works effectively and the absence of violence doesn’t in any way detract from the film. We don’t always need blood and gore to be scared.

The climax may not be a world-changer, but it was actually a bit refreshing. Did they leave themselves open for a sequel? Sure. But in a bit of a different way. This is one worth catching if its on, but may not be something to specifically seek out unless you are a huge indie horror fan.





~ by johnlink00 on September 22, 2010.

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