johnlink ranks PANDORUM (2009)

Upon seeing this film, I can only imagine in the pitch that this was sold as PITCH BLACK meets EVENT HORIZON. Since those are both films I admire enough to pop them in fairly regularly, it makes sense that PANDORUM would keep my attention. All three of the films mentioned thus far have their flaws. The question is: What’s the end result? SOME MINOR SPOILERS BELOW

I watched PANDORUM (2009) on 4.19.11. It was my first viewing of the film. TRAILER HERE

This is really a solid film. And while the big twist at the end has been done enough times to be predicted very early on, the film is successful without it. It is both a monster film and a twisty sci-fi thinker. It’s not a classic in either genre, but it certainly is a unique take on the genre.

The film tries, perhaps, a little too hard to leave a question at the end, but at least it is trying. It leaves itself open for a sequel of a completely different feeling (ala PITCH BLACK). I’d love to see these characters move forward. Ben Foster sells me as a leading man on this, much like Vin Diesel did in PITCH BLACK. And the female lead here, Antje Traue, is someone to watch. Nice performance. She didn’t need to do too much here, but producer Paul WS Anderson probably saw enough Milla Jovovich in her to give her the freedom to run free.

This story has to do with a ship on course for a new Earth as the previous Earth has gone dark. There is a feeling of desperation always present, even if the script does force the characters to do a lot of aimless wandering between monster sightings. Some of the exposition is clunky as well, and the way it is delivered is the main reason you can see the twist coming. Also, the special effects, particularly the effect of removing frames to add the illusion of speed, leaves some sequences feeling artificial. But all that said, I enjoyed it very much and there is much more positive than negative. I’d actually like to watch it again just to see if there is any ambiguity left. I doubt it, but hey… I give it credit for trying.





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