johnlink ranks INVASION (2005)

Depending on where you see this, it is either called INFECTION or INVASION. This is not the Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig film from 2007, this is a found-footage indie flick from ’05. Hey, it is almost Halloween. I had to watch at least one ultra low-budget horror movie on Fear Net before the end of the month.

I watched INVASION (2005) on 10.28.11. It was my first viewing of the film. Trailer is on the linked page.

There were about five minutes of this 80 minute film which truly had my heart racing in a way none of the horror/suspense films I’d seen in awhile had been able to do. If the entire film, or even another 15% of it were able to accomplish that, I would consider this well above average. Instead, it is less than average.

The premise is that a meteor shower has turned the citizens of a small town into zombie-like infected monsters. The entire film is shot in real time from the HD dashboard cam of a police cruiser as it travels through a tree-lined park. Decent premise, decent concept. The real time work is nicely done, this was obviously well planned in its inception. Unfortunately, this would be far better as an edited down 30 minute short.

We get a ton of driving around while listening to people talk. The cruiser is in constant communication with a Deputy, so we hear what is going on in the main part of town. Unfortunately, the dubbing is very obvious. The effect is that of a video game wherein the voice work feels disjointed from the action. Watching this movie, in fact, often felt like playing a first-person perspective game.

There are a couple nice twists, and 80% of the dialogue is okay. But there is much rambling to oneself which, because of the aforementioned lack of quality in the dubbing, feels really faked. The acting, sadly, is brutally bad on all accounts. A genuine note is rarely found.

The intent was to build suspense with a lot of quiet moments of anticipation. In the opening of the film this works, but it begins to become tiresome as the plot plays out. I’m all for quiet and slowly paced (I love 70s slow films), but this was absurd. Literally four minutes pass with the car and camera sitting still as we slowly watch someone walking far off in the distance. This doesn’t build suspense, it only builds boredom.

I’m glad I caught this little film just for its unique take on the invasion/infection storyline. I wouldn’t call it bad, per se, but I can’t say I recommend hunting it down either.





~ by johnlink00 on October 28, 2011.

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