johnlink ranks OLD SCHOOL (2003)

I don’t think I’ve seen this movie (which many of my generation consider a classic) since its DVD release. I did see it in theaters, bought it right away (back then, I bought way more than I needed), watched it once more and never revisited it. Though it’s never been in any of my top comedy lists, it is certainly a flick I consider very funny.

I watched OLD SCHOOL (2003) on 11.28.11. It was my third viewing of the film.

This both illustrates the strengths of this ranking system, and its weakness. On one hand, the total score will be very average, which belies  the fact that this is a supremely entertaining experience. Yet, on the other hand, this is not a well-rounded film. The performances are good to very good but not great. The writing is witty in its dialogue, yet simplistic in its formula. Though, in fairness, this movie never wants to be anything but mindless fun.

It certainly is that. Will Ferrell is not always my favorite, but it is the right dose of him here. Luke Wilson is as likable as ever as the lead. Vince Vaughn does his prick-thing. Any one of these as a single character pulling a film in one direction would not work well, but these guys balance each other out very nicely. I especially like Jeremy Piven, jumping to the other side of the desk from his PCU days, as the dean.

There just isn’t much substance here. You’ll certainly laugh our loud, you’ll certainly remember much of the great moments (Frank the Tank, the cinder block drop, ‘Cheeeeeeeese’, etc.) but you don’t get held onto by this film as you might by director Todd Phillips’ later entry THE HANGOVER.

There just isn’t much to say in the way of a review. Very funny. Very quickly paced (your hour and a half will fly by). But not transcendent.





~ by johnlink00 on November 29, 2011.

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