johnlink ranks FRACTURE (2007)

Something about Anthony Hopkins defies logic. It always seems like his acting is better than the movies he is in. I suppose that has happened to Pacino, De Niro, Hoffman, and much of that generation. Those who came to be actors in the 60s and 70s have very few quality scripts, it seems, come across their desk. FRACTURE is one I have seen before, but not since it’s release. LIGHT SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP

I watched FRACTURE (2007) on 12.11.11. It was my second viewing of the film.

I vow never to forget that watching this movie is a waste of time. The first hour and a quarter is entertaining and good enough. A mediocre ending would leave this as a slightly above average cat-and-mouse thriller. A great ending would elevate it to a very solid movie.

Instead, we have a ridiculous, absurd, stupid resolution. I’ll use an analogy. The ending would be akin to a mathematician spending his life working out the nuances of some theory which noone had ever considered. Then, when he completes the work, he realizes that he doesn’t know what 2 plus 2 equals. He’d realize he never knew, and somehow overlooked the fact that he never had that knowledge.

It wouldn’t happen right? It’s so obvious that someone of his level would have to know that 2 plus 2 equals 4. He couldn’t not know that.

That is what the resolution of this movie does.

It calls into question Hopkins acting. How does someone so smart not know that? Was he really that smart all along? Also, why did he play coy about his legal knowledge earlier in the film, if we are really expected to believe that he actually has none. It also calls into question the direction. Why spend so much time on his brilliance, if he really doesn’t know a simple, obvious law?

How did this thing get green lit? How does this ending stand up to the scrutiny of so many supposedly intelligent people? Argggh!

The biggest flaw of this film should have been the offhanded way that Ryan Gosling’s up-and-coming lawyer can be allowed to sexually harass his new boss, Rosamund Pike, and instead of him facing any consequences, she sleeps with him. What? Really? What if those gender roles were reversed? It would never happen that way. It feels forced and narrow-minded and lacking in nuance. Just stupid.

I really dislike this movie now. How did I forget how much the end ruins an ok thing? If the ending wasn’t so bad, the low scores below would be higher (it only very slightly effects the acting score, though).

Anyway, I’ll never watch this again.






~ by johnlink00 on December 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “johnlink ranks FRACTURE (2007)”

  1. It’s been a while since I saw this one, but I do recall the ending. It really felt tacked on. It felt like it should have ended with Hopkins’ character getting away with it all, but then someone decided that was too depressing and thus the “wait… 2+2=4?” ending. At least, I’m hoping that’s what happened. This was a great character for Hopkins, I thought.

  2. You are right, it is a solid character. The acting score is really not the fault of the actors, but the piece as a whole. I blame the director and screenwriters and the producers for making this a logic clusterfuck. A better ending could have made this a very memorable Hopkins thriller.

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