johnlink bundles his MATRIX rankings

Did a series ever fall off the map faster than the MATRIX trilogy? It has a weird place in history where the first is an icon which influenced a decade’s worth of science fiction films. On the other hand, defenders of the series’ conclusion are few and far between. The Wachowski Brothers went from being sci-fi darlings to just another pair of also-rans. I loathe the remake/reboot cycle. But I am confident that I will be seeing a return to the MATRIX in another decade or two, as someone else attempts to get it all right.

Scores for FILM; MOVIE; ACTING; WRITING; BONUS (if applicable). Then the average score.

THE MATRIX: F:8; M:8; A:6; W:7; average: 7.25

THE MATRIX RELOADED: F:6; M:7; A:7; W:6; average: 6.5

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS: F:4; M:5; A:5; W:3; average: 4.25

When I revisited these films, I was slightly underwhelmed by the first, though I still appreciate its place in film history. The second was slightly better than I remembered. The third was just as bad, but for different reasons. Here are the links to my original reviews:

M1 Link here

M2 Link here

M3 link here

~ by johnlink00 on February 22, 2012.

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