johnlink ranks ANOTHER 48 HRS. (1990)

I watch plenty of series and sequels doing these rankings, but I rarely end up watching them consecutively, for whatever reason. But when it comes to Nick Nolte/Eddie Murphy sort-of action-comedies, I am all in. Even if those films prove to be historically mediocre.

I watched ANOTHER 48 HRS. (1990) on 3.22.12. It was my first viewing of the film.

The rating on this film is a point and a half lower than the original 48 HRS. on IMDB. I can’t imagine why. Not that this second installment is anything too special, but it is no worse than the first. I have the same basic complaint as the original. Ok action, ok comedy, but nothing which sets any records.

I will say that Eddie Murphy gets to play a little more in this one, but that is basically expressed in the form of a few breathless rants. This movie could have been a BAD BOYS precursor, but instead it is just an average flick.

Director Walter Hill tries a little less here. He’s not attempting to do anything fancy. He just wants to put forth a neat little box. We get one extra twist at the end, but nothing which (again) is earth shattering.

Nolte and Murphy do feel like they are happy to be together again, even if their characters don’t. I just wish they had been let loose some more. In many ways, if they did a third movie now, these guys would put on a better show. Each are at more desperate places in their careers. Nothing is secure, both need a hit. I think these two guys still have one more installment of this series in them, one that could be better than the first two.

But, then, I’m an eternal optimist.

So this movie basically follows the same formula, hits a few familiar spots and beats from the first film, and doesn’t do much else. The story is just as uninspired, and the villains just as run-of-the-mill. Like I said after the first, I don’t see why I’d ever go watch this again.





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