johnlink ranks TRAITOR (2008)

Yet another espionage thriller with a good cast and decent premise. These things, as can be expected, are more often average than spectacular, but they are usually watchable at the very least. This one has Don Cheadle as a Muslim who may or may not be working for the US Government as he helps some terrorists blow things up around the world.

I watched TRAITOR (2008) on 4.17.12. It was my first viewing of the film.

Well, another slightly above average thriller to report on. I wouldn’t be surprised if this article resembles dozens of others in its feel, because many of the films I’ve recently watched have felt this way.

The international locations look cool. The acting is solid. The writing, in its heavy-handedness, is below average. Good themes, with the point being that maybe we aren’t all that different than the terrorists. Nice shots which showcase the exotic locales. Standard, safe, Hollywood button on the ending.

Yes the hero here, in Don Cheadle, makes some tough choices and makes some terrible mistakes. His character is why this is above-average, and not merely average. He kills innocents, even as he seems to be working for the greater good. He struggles with this, and some nice moments are had.

I normally like this genre. It’s similar in feel to something like SYRIANA. But for some reason, TRAITOR never grabbed me the way that movie did. I’d say it is worth seeing once, but it is largely forgettable. I just can’t get myself to love it, even if I have respect for how it looks and the effort with which it tries.

The fact that I am having trouble finding inspiration to write about this movie, I suppose, is as much a sign of where this movie sits with me as anything else.





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