johnlink ranks FINAL DESTINATION 5 (2011)

After some TV last night, Liz and I were ready for bed. She started upstairs and asked if I was coming, I said I would be up in a few minutes. She said “You’ll probably stay up too late watching a dumb movie.” I replied that I would not. But then the iPad was going dead and I couldn’t find the charger. So I put the TV back on and found the fifth FINAL DESTINATION movie. Long story short; I stayed up too late watching a dumb movie.

I watched FINAL DESTINATION 5 (2011) on 7.19.12. It was my first viewing of the film.

I will give this to part 5: They actually tried to do some new things. There are some relatively creative scenarios which attempt to play on our expectation regarding what is about to happen. Tony Todd is back to stand around and be all creepy. He leads the survivors of the big opening set piece (a bridge collapse in this case) to believe that if they are responsible for someone’s death, then they themselves might break the chain and be able to survive Death. This leads to a climax with a much more human danger, something which helps the film not just be the same derivative junk.

But, I mean, this is still a FINAL DESTINATION movie. The acting is weak and there is noone particularly memorable. The writing is forced, especially in the dialogue. I liked this set of characters more than some of the other ‘heroes’ these films have given us. So they were successful in actually creating characters I didn’t hate, which is nice.

I watched this movie in 2D, and it was made for 3D. This lead to some particularly terrible looking special effects shots for some of the deaths. I really wish 3D would just go away.

I guess I just don’t have all that much to say about this movie. There’s really nothing to report here. People get together, survive a tragedy, and Death comes for them in some seemingly random and creative way. You know what you’re getting into when you see FINAL DESTINATION, so I’m not sure why I’ve even spent this much time on it. The fifth one is much better than the last two, not quite as good as the first one. End of story.

I do have to give it points for the way it ties itself to the rest of the FINAL DESTINATION universe in the final moments of the film. I absolutely did not see that coming, and I appreciated what it was trying to do, even if it felt like it was necessary to end the film the way every FINAL DESTINATION film ends: with everyone dead. I’m assuming that’s not spoiling anything for anyone.





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