johnlink bundles his NOLAN BATMAN TRILOGY rankings

With Nolan’s trilogy done, his entry into the Batman universe has got to be considered one of the most consistently solid trilogies of the 21st Century. I’ve had conversations with many people over the past couple of weeks, and have heard many arguments as to why each particular film in the trilogy is somebody’s favorite. Some like the origin of BATMAN BEGINS, some the mania of THE DARK KNIGHT, and others the wide scope of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Truth be told, I could be convinced of any of these as a suitable choice, though my personal pick would still be BATMAN BEGINS. Below are the scores and links to each of my rankings.

Scores for FILM; MOVIE; ACTING; WRITING; BONUS (if applicable). Then the average score.

BATMAN BEGINS: F:8; M:10; A:8; W:9; B:2 (score and cinematography); average: 9.25

THE DARK KNIGHT: F:6; M:9; A:9; W:6; B:1 (score); average: 7.75

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: F:8; M:8; A:9; W:8; B:1 (cinematography); average: 8.5
So all of these are high marks, with the coincidental nature of THE DARK KNIGHT knocking the Film and Writing scores down to 6 being the lowest mark at all. These are all just pleasurable movies which have much more to offer than your typical comic book series. The score is beautiful throughout, the cinematography masterful, and the consistency key. All of this makes me curious as to what Nolan will tackle next. The links to the full articles are here…

Here is the Link to BB (this is a link to my second article. The link to an older article can be found here as well).

Here is the Link to TDK

Here is the Link to TDKR

~ by johnlink00 on August 3, 2012.

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