johnlink bundles his MEN IN BLACK rankings

It’s been nearly a month since I finished up this series (at least until an inevitable fourth rolls around), so it is about time to bundle ’em up for convenience. This is a fun, if inconsistent, set of films.


Scores for FILM; MOVIE; ACTING; WRITING; BONUS (if applicable). Then the average score. For an explanation of what these categories mean,  jump to here.

MIB I: F: 4; M: 8; A: 6; W: 7   FINAL SCORE: 6.25

MIB II: F: 3; M: 6; A: 5; W: 2; B: -1 (bad CGI)   FINAL SCORE: 3.75

MIB III: F: 5; M: 8; A: 7; W: 7; B: -1 (3d effects)  FINAL SCORE: 6.5

Clearly, the scores which matter most in a movie like MEN IN BLACK is the movie score denoting its entertainment value. Secondary would be the script score. I really liked the first and third films, and was undeniably underwhelmed by the second. Number two felt like it was being mailed in. If they made a fourth film, I would certainly give it a go.

Here are the links to the original articles…

MIB I article here

MIB II article here

MIB III article here

~ by johnlink00 on January 22, 2013.

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