johnlink introduces a new project: TAKE 5

In an effort to expand a little bit beyond just reviews, I’ve already added a reoccurring feature this year called FILM 101. Now, I’d like to do something more. I’m greedy like that. And with that grand intro, I am announcing the start of TAKE 5.

I’ll come up with a topic, and I’m looking for five things to fulfill it in no particular order. Sometimes the topic will be simple like ‘5 best DeNiro films’ or ‘5 best comedies’. Sometimes it will be things like ‘5 movies you love, which others hate’ or ‘5 least favorite actors’. I’m open to suggestions.

The first one: I will TAKE 5 movies you are embarrassed you haven’t seen.

Again, no particular order. No particular rules. Feel free to elaborate on your answers, or not. You can put the list on the comment below or on the Marked Movies announcement on Facebook. Though to make it more of a surprise (and to consolidate any conversation) it would probably be best if you can email me at


John Lincoln


~ by johnlink00 on February 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “johnlink introduces a new project: TAKE 5”

  1. I’ll email you my choices dude, no worries 🙂

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