Once again, I will TAKE 5!

The first installment of Take 5 was a success. Installment two has been a long time coming, so here it is.

I’m looking to TAKE 5 MOVIES YOU LOVE TO INTRODUCE TO PEOPLE. Send your list to johnlink00@gmail.com.

I don’t really place rules on these things, but I would tend to lean towards obscure or forgotten titles over, say, AVENGERS. Everyone knows about AVENGERS unless we make first contact with a tribe of people in a cave in the Appalachians or something.

But make your own rules, really. Any era is fine, any genre is fine. Feel free to explain why you love to introduce people to this particular movie. And you don’t actually need to have done so, it can just be a movie you want people to know.

So I guess another way of asking this is: What are your favorite obscure, forgotten, or under-appreciated movies? Again, send your list to johnlink00@gmail.com

If you’re looking to see what this looks like when it is all done, here is a link to the original TAKE 5: The Embarrassment List.


~ by johnlink00 on May 29, 2013.

One Response to “Once again, I will TAKE 5!”

  1. I’m planning to post results on 5/31. So email me your list by Friday!

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