johnlink bundles his RAMBO rankings

I watched these movies at the beginning of the year, so this bundling is some late housekeeping. I should do the ones for Paranormal Activity as well, but I’m probably going to be lazy and wait awhile to do that. Anywho, here are the Rambo rankings put together in one handy place. This series was somewhat better than I remembered it being, and the fourth one was actually a pleasant surprise.


Scores for FILM; MOVIE; ACTING; WRITING; BONUS (if applicable). Then the average, giving a final score. For an explanation of what these categories mean, jump to here.

FIRST BLOOD (1982): FILM: 8; MOVIE: 8; ACTING: 7; WRITING: 8: Average: 7.75

RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART II (1985): FILM: 3; MOVIE: 7; ACTING: 3; WRITING: 2; Average: 3.75

RAMBO III (1988): FILM: 6; MOVIE: 9; ACTING: 4; WRITING: 6; Average: 6.25

RAMBO (2008): FILM: 6; MOVIE: 9; ACTING: 5; WRITING: 6: Average: 6.5

My perception before I watched this was that the first was very good, and the others were derivative and silly. I realized I had never seen the third (though I thought I had), and I never saw the fourth (which I knew I hadn’t). Turns out that the first movie is a clear classic, the second is really bad, and the third and fourth are both pretty darn good, even if they are very different movies. Really glad I went back and watched all these. Now I just need to do this with ROCKY, of which I’ve only seen the first.

Anyway, here are the links to the original articles…

FIRST BLOOD link here

RAMBO: FB PART II link here

RAMBO III link here

RAMBO link here


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