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Well, what do you know. I have completed 5 years of writing reviews for every single movie I have seen. That means that over 600 movie articles now appear on this site. Hopefully, I can keep it rolling. Here are my thoughts on my year in watching movies, while also including some raw data for my fellow math nerds at the end of the article. Happy 2014 everyone!


*****Any movies mentioned will include a link to the article.*****

***** I mention scores a bunch here. If you want to know about my scoring system, hit up this link! *****

I had a less productive year in movie viewing in 2013 then I had the previous year. I went from seeing 191 movies to seeing 111. I blame working full time, being in school full time, and student teaching. I would say I blame my kids, but the internet is forever. Instead, I’ll say that I really enjoyed some quality time with family.

The best movie I saw this year was ANATOMY OF A MURDER, which I scored at 9.25 (all rankings out of 10). In fact, that was the only movie all year to earn a score of 9 or higher.


I did have 6 movies which score an 8.5, tying for second, and those are:


Cabin In The Woods Anna Hutchison Wolf











Those were the good. What was bad?

Two movies tied for the worst movie I saw this year, based on overall ranking. Both received an unsightly 2.25. The first was seen in theaters right at the beginning of the year. On January 3rd I watched TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.


Later in the year I rewatched SPEED 2. It was just as bad as TCM3D.


I didn’t give many perfect 10s out in any single category this year.

The only perfect 10 for film was the 1932 horror film VAMPYR.


I did give out a 10 to seven different ‘movies’: ANATOMY OF A MURDER, CABIN IN THE WOODS, and SILENT HOUSE already got links and pics, so screw ’em. The others:









I did not give any perfect 10s for acting. I gave just one for writing, and that was for MIDNIGHT RUN.

The worst in any given category were a 1 in film to TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D and THIS MEANS WAR.


The lowest scored movies were all given a 4. There were six of them. I don’t think they have earned my listing them.

The worst acted movie I saw was MURDER MAFIA STYLE which I just watched on the 27th. I am sitting on that article because it is appearing on another site (over at The IPC) so you don’t get no stinkin’ link. But it earned a 1.

The worst written movie was TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. I gave it a 0 for writing. I have only given a 0 to one other movie ever in any category over 600 plus movies. The script for TEXAS CHAINSAW was THAT bad.

I was pretty happy with my movie watching. I saw a bunch of older stuff this year. I’m way behind on new stuff. Next year, I hope to get to some more epics and dramas, as this site has turned into mostly suspense, horror, action, and a mix of old stuff. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m missing the likes of the BRAVEHEARTs and the LAWRENCE OF ARABIAs of the world.

My favorite movie find this of this year, beyond the top rated ones above? Certainly MIDNIGHT RUN is on that list. Just a great action/comedy which I can’t believe I never saw. I gave that an 8.25.

Two movies which really surprised me with how good they were (beyond CABIN IN THE WOODS and SILENT HOUSE, which I consider two of the top 5 21st century horror movies) were the indie horror film ASYLUM BLACKOUT (I gave it an 8).


And the surprisingly honest JCVD (also an 8).


So anyway, that’s my lot! Thanks for reading! Now onto some raw numbers from 2013:

Number of films watched: 111
Number of films watched that were new to me: 85
Number of films watched which I had previously seen: 26
Number of films seen in theaters: 2
Number of films between 1900-1929: 5
Number of films between 1930s: 3
Number of films between 1940s: 2
Number of films between 1950s: 10
Number of films between 1960s: 6
Number of films between 1970s: 6
Number of films between 1980s: 9
Number of films between 1990s : 12
Number of films between 2000s: 20
Number of films between 2010-present: 38
Number of films from current year: 5
Most represented year: 2012
Number of films which spawned sequels or were sequels: 31
Number of films which were later remade: 3
Number of films which were remakes themselves: 8
Number of films viewed in 3D: 0
Number of foreign (non-English speaking) films: 5
Number of animated films: 5
Number of documentaries: 3
Number of black-and-white films: 20
Number of films ranked for a second (or more) time: 3

The following are all out of 10:
Average FILM score total: 5.70
Average FILM score for films new to me: 5.78
Average FILM score for previously viewed films: 5.46
Average MOVIE score total: 7.41
Average MOVIE score for films new to me: 7.22
Average MOVIE score for previously viewed films: 8.04
Average ACTING score total: 6.41
Average ACTING score for films new to me: 6.58
Average ACTING score for previously viewed films: 5.88
Average WRITING score total: 5.65
Average WRITING score for films new to me: 5.56
Average WRITING score for previously viewed films: 5.92
Net bonus points given: 24
Number of films given bonus points (negative or positive): 36
Average bonus point per film: 0.22
Negative bonus points given: 7

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