johnlink ranks THE CORRUPTED (2010)

It was way too late to start a movie, but I wasn’t quite tired. When that happens, I find a short movie on Amazon Prime and see if it keeps me awake. This is an exercise in masochism often times. Anyway, I stumbled across a movie called THE CORRUPTED, which seemed to be some kind of invasion of the body snatchers type thing.


I watched THE CORRUPTED (2010) on 11.19.14. It was my first viewing of the film.


THE CORRUPTED is movie 759 for this project. I almost didn’t write anything up for it. Since I started this blog as a New Year’s Resolution in 2009 (the only one I’ve kept), I have written an article for every movie I have watched, save for a movie called SLEATHER, which I didn’t feel comfortable writing about because I was the Second Assistant Director on the movie (which I did for about half of the production before moving to Los Angeles). Anyway, to watch THE CORRUPTED is to watch an independent film which does not really succeed at all. I give credit to anyone who has the ability to go out and make a movie at all, so I hate to slander something like this.

I’m writing something up on it for two reasons. One, I am a completist. Two, this thing made its way to Amazon Prime, so some company somewhere picked it up and distributed it. This isn’t like some movie you may stumble upon at some local film festival: This is a movie which is, quite literally, at the fingertips of people all over the world. Anyone can stumble upon it.

When I watch a movie that needs some note taking, I usually text my own phone number with a running dialogue. This works because I save everything, only sometimes I accidentally text someone some weird comment like “This thing where the guy chases the girl all around the house is completely anti-climatic. I don’t buy that she is trying to get away. This needs to end.”

That’s a hard text to explain away to your wife.

Anyway, I’m just going to post a series of things I texted myself and call it a day here. No disrespect to anyone who may have worked on this movie. Having gotten a movie made is honorable. When you see the scores at the bottom, just remember that this is the same ranking system, on a scale from 1 to 10, that I would be giving to any movie I ever watched. So this movie, literally, is being held up against something like LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

-Competent guitar opening with nice end to the sequence. Nice start!

-Over accentuated dialogue. Filming is not too bad. Actor playing the driver is really bad!

-Cheesy cop. Dialogue is not this film’s strong suit. Or directing actors. Or, well… there aren’t many strong suits yet.

-These actors have no sense of delivery.

-Shots of the water look really good though!

-“What are you on? Drugs?” What a terrible line.

– Another one: “It’s like gravity. My sexiness. You can’t resist its pull.”

– I see where this script had an idea. But the directing and editing lack any kind of grace.

– Another winner: The Indian actor saying “I decade Jihad on you” and then the friend replying “That’s enough jihadist out of you Osama Bin Loaded.”

– These shots of Adirondack chairs in the night would be creepier if something actually happened.

– How’s this for awesomeness: “Once, he pawned off my DVD player for drug money.”

– And the response, an incredulous girl exclaiming “What?!?! How could you even be friends after that?!?!?”

– Camerawork is better than acting or directing deserves. Nice water shots. Night shots well lit and realized.

– There is a girl carrying a boom box on her shoulder. Was this made in 1998 or 2010?

-DJ character sucks. Made for the audience to pull for him to die.

– But at least he happens to have a full DJing set up in his trunk.

– Scene about ‘life’ on the dock is absolutely horrendous.

-Oh my God, this scene is still going.

– This movie is 42 minutes in and I am still waiting for something to happen.

– Someone breaks their cars and they don’t even seem concerned or care to talk about it. Sure.

– 50 minutes. Something is happening. Albeit during a gratuitous sex scene.

-Climax of this movie doesn’t work. I never believe anyone.

-I’m starting to think the theme we are supposed to take from this movie is that girls in bikinis are not trustworthy.


And that is all I got folks,




FINAL SCORE: 2 out of 10

~ by johnlink00 on November 19, 2014.

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