johnlink ranks ASK ME ANYTHING (2014)

Saw a few minute of this on cable and was intrigued. This is a movie about a girl who writes a blog. My blog is innocuous and generally reveals nothing about me personally, but her’s is an ‘anonymous’ blog about her life. Watched ten minutes and thought it was good enough to record and share with my wife. We watched it together the next night, and she may have liked it even more than I did. And I really liked it.


I watched ASK ME ANYTHING (2014) on 1.30.16. It was my first viewing of the film.

This is a movie which surprises in the end. It is a comedy in it’s first act, increasingly becomes a drama, and manages to work its way to tragedy in its closing moments. Very few films would dare an ending that this movie does. This is a film written and directed by Allison Burnett, and adapted from her own novel. In a few moments, this costs her a bit of perspective. But, in the end, nobody else could have made this film.

(UPDATE: Allison Burnett is a male who writes women very well, not a female. That’s what I get for not clicking the IMDb page).

Katie (Britt Robertson) is a recent high school grad who has made the choice to defer college for a year. Her principal suggest she start a diary. In this age, that is interpreted as a blog. And so Katie (which is an assumed name) starts writing about the most intimate details of her life.

She writes about the older man she is sleeping with, Dan (Justin Long). She writes about her alcoholic father (Robert Patrick). She writes about the couple she serves as a nanny for (Christian Slater and Kimberly Williams-Paisley). She writes about a controversial new boss (Martin Sheen) and an abusive boyfriend (Max Carver).

This feels, sometimes, like a movie glossing over important things. A year passes in an hour and a half, and sometimes the time jumps seem to be convenient for the storytelling. But, despite this, Kaite becomes a fully fleshed character whom we like and enjoy. That doesn’t mean she is all good. There are several sequences which portray her as unlikable or mean, and this is all from the perspective of knowing this is a ‘blog’ identity.

What makes this movie work remarkably well is the performance of Robertson in the lead, and several of the supporting parts. There are moments which don’t work, but they are explained in an epilogue that is both sad and poignant.


This sometimes does not feel like a movie about blogging. Yes, Katie constantly refers back to the blog she has created. But there are only mostly surface reminders that this is a blog. Which all leads to, in a final few minutes, a truly jarring experience. Some will hate it, no doubt. Some will feel like it undermines the entire film.

Instead, though, it points to a very real experience felt by the youth in America today. What is real, what is not? What is love, what is not? What does it mean to have an identity, even if it is suspect?

ASK ME ANYTHING is a small movie asking big questions. It is a very good movie, though. And it is one worth some attention.



The bonus point is for a really solid score and soundtrack which truly add to the enjoyment of this movie.


FINAL SCORE: 7.5 out of 10

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2 Responses to “johnlink ranks ASK ME ANYTHING (2014)”

  1. Thank you for your appreciative and thoughtful review of my film. But one correction: I am male. Also, the sequel to the novel it is based on just came out on Amazon. It’s called Another Girl, and Amy/Katie appears.

    • Shows you just who (not well) researched this site is.
      Thanks for reading and responding. I really enjoyed and was impressed by this movie, thanks for making it!

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